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What We’re All About

Since the formation of Danger Sun Overhead in 2010, the Sun Safety initiative has provided education to over 35,000 workshop attendees in workplaces across Australia. Danger Sun Overhead’s services continues to be in high demand, delivering education workshops in all Australian states and territories.

Danger Sun Overhead objectives are to reduce the the impact of Melanoma and all other skin cancers on all Australians.


Danger Sun Overhead objectives are to reduce the the impact of Melanoma and all other skin cancers on all Australians. We do this through Awareness/Education, Prevention, Early detection and Support of Melanoma and other skin cancers in high risk outdoor industries across Australia.

Danger Sun Overhead, and in particular Jo Crotty, has been officially recognised through the awarding of significant commendations for the valuable work she undertakes to provide guidance to employers and industry leaders who seek to offer the best level of sun preventative care and working conditions to their workers.


Through education, conferences and exhibits, we can spread the word.


With the use of high quality prevention products and UV sunscreen stations.

Early Detection

Become informed on the risks of developing skin cancer alongside on-site skin checks.


Through the promoting of organisations who help provide support to Melanoma Patients, their carers, family and friends.

“The DSO program continues to be in high demand delivering education workshops in all Australian states and territories…”
Jo’s Story

My name is Joanne Crotty and I am a widow with 4 young boys under the age of five. My husband, Rohan Crotty, unfortunately lost his battle with melanoma in July 2009 at the age of 43. I want to share our story because most melanomas can be prevented if people have access to education and awareness about skin cancer.

My husband Rohan was constantly exposed to the sun as part of his work. After his first diagnosis in 2006, Rohan was an organizer with the CFMEUnion and recognized sun safety standards were not being addressed in the Outdoor industries.  He became associated with the University of Queensland where (with UQ’s help) successfully brought the awareness to the hazards of sun exposure in the construction industry.

I am now continuing with this important work on Rohan’s behalf through the establishment of the Danger Sun Overhead program.